Stormy Lake  

One Woman with A Big  Mission, To help others connect back to Divine Source 


 Align To Their Spiritual Destiny. Collecting those Conscious,

Ready and Willing, to take a journey to deep levels of self love, by assisting others to the thier truest self, through

Sacred Healing Retreats.

Stormy Lake Author of The Arts In Spiritual Healing, The Divine Feminine, Prophetic Wisdom & Energy Medicine. Currently writing for Sibyl Magazine 2018 & 2019 .
Advanced Spiritual Teacher & Healer. Specializing in Proficient Prophetic Healing, Dreams & Visions, Interpretation & Application, Symbolic Signs of The Divine.


Are you desiring some down time to look within your life, with mother earth, stillness, and silence, to explore what you know is missing in your life? 
Do you need resources to let go of the ego and release the control of your mind and the mad chatter that is constantly ringing in your ear?
 Spirit is waiting and has called you, LOOK NO MORE, if you are viewing this site, you have your answer to the calling currently in your life, and by no mistake have you arrived. 

Door 2 Spirit is for spiritual healing and self-help providing retreats local and national, that can help you find the peace and bliss you have missed. Your spirit is asking once again, but will you listen this time?

The small group retreats allow great fellow gatherings of all walks of life, a connection beyond the norm and trust with intimacy.

These events are limited to small group enrollment and create a safe place for you to let the stresses of life go.

Stormy Lake 
 Creates Authentic Healings and is An Advanced Certified Practitioner & Teacher.

Drawing from Eden Energy Medicine, Sacred Geometry, Native Ceremony, Sound Therapy, Crystalline Energy & Yoga Principles to teach you the tools needed to re-balance yourself & grow spiritually, heal naturally, and begin accepting yourself at the deepest levels of consciousness on your Spiritual Retreat with the VERY BEST National & Regional Retreat Offered in Orlando Florida. 

Prepared to Take you all the way to Sedona, AZ, one of the most known healing meccas of the world.

Stormy Lake Shares Her Story.


 Stormy Lake is an Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher, & Healer. Founder of Divinity in Akashic Healing & Authentic Spiritualist with great faith. She was taught the spiritual truth, star guides and the mystery‚Äôs of the universal light ascension before her teens. 

 Stormy is Creek Indian raised in cultured environments of many foundations. Her native mother's roots gave her much insight into Healing. Stormy's teaching of childhood years are still alive today, she lives to incorporate that still small voice in mother earth and spirit through all things. Her teachings had her well rounded in mother nature's gifts before the age of 13. As a young girl, she was gifted with the intuitive knowing, being able to see & feel the pain & joy equally of many she encountered. Surface to Soul she has seen. This gave her much compassion for the many souls in this world, that in itself inspired her to want to reach out and help those in need. She now lives to touch the lives of others and bring knowledge & awareness to all, by helping them to know their own healing potential, true power, & birth-rite that she believes we have all been granted & fully given, but may simply not know how to reach. 
It has been those very footsteps as a child, that truly inspired her to follow her heart's path and personal journey to healing today.
The path of unlimited love and inspiration has filled her with great joy connecting to all things living & carrying vibration & feeling. It was a reservoir of unending resources she never wanted to part with. This journey has very much impacted her spiritual life today, as she still knows it to be here and now, Raw and Untouched in beauty. Stormy's path stands true to her journey & life purpose, and it aligns equally with the works of every soul she encounters.
This is her passion, her purpose, bliss & truest joy, to help others heal from the inside-out...

Stormy Lake is Founder and Owner of Door 2 Spirit Retreats.
President & Owner of Divine Energy Healing, Owner & Director of The Institute of Spiritual Healing and School of Energy Medicine. 
Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Advanced Spiritual Advocate, & Ordained Minister, Advanced Certified Practitioner in Akashic Records, The Pathway to Prayer Process by Linda Howe, 
Advanced Certified Therapist & Practitioner in Akashic Records - The Mystery School of Amanda Romania.

Advanced Crystal Therapist, Ancient Grids & Sacred Geometry, Reiki Practitioner, Empath Practitioner,   

Other Course Completions:

Living the Supernatural Life.
Bethel School of Super Natural Ministries for Spiritual Healing.
The Art of Hearing God, Walking in Spiritual Warfare, 
Dreams and Visions Course, Advanced Dreams & Visions Course.
Growing in Prophetic Wisdom.

Stormy also Specializes in Blue Print Grid Work, Vortex Healing & Polarities, Soul Healing,

Spiritual Awakenings in the Supernatural - Trinity, and Spiritual Transformation through Transgressions.