Spiritual Transformation

Cross Country 5th Annual Retreat

Sedona Arizona 

Working for the Highest Good


~ Unity and Compassion ~

Door 2 Spirit Retreats is the to Door to Divine Spiritually & Personal Ascension through Holistic Healing & Soul Transformation.
Door 2 Spirit Retreats is Operated by Divine Energy, Stormy Lake, Owner,
and Founder. Dedicated to touch lives and assist those who are seeking a deeper journey to a higher level of awakening. The workshops are meant to open the heart and assist you in leading a life of compassion, joy, and well-being from inside out. When you're lead by your heart, not the head, you see life through different eyes and beauty illuminates before you,

it becomes you. 
 Trusting your choice in life is one that allows you to understand the deeper part of your being and your path. By opening the doors to introspection, you allow the understanding of how and why you operate the way you do. This learning advances you in your ascension to awareness and growth in your spiritual direction, carving a path that will create a happier, healthier you. ~ Stormy Lake

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October 18-20th 2019.

All deposits are NON-Refundable. Registration is $150.00 Deposit toward total retreat price of $555.00.